Shell Contractor Web Help

Many of our web pages consist of links to PDF files. PDF files are designed so they can be obtained, without the user having to have the same software the file was created in. While you don’t need the software the files were originally created in, you do, however NEED the Adobe Acrobat Reader software to deliver the files to you in a view and print format.

BEFORE you can download any of the files on our web page, you must take the time to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. This is a one-time operation, as the (Free) viewer software from Adobe will remain and reside with your system. The next time you visit our site and want to view or print a file, you will not have to download the Adobe Acrobat software again. When you request the file, the software will activate the Reader and open the PDF file for you.

Download Adobe Acrobat Here