Process Safety

Last Edited on 2018-03-20

Process Safety is about…

  • Keeping the hydrocarbons in the pipe
  • Staying within the operating window
  • Correctly preparing equipment for maintenance and restart

The Process Safety Fundamentals (PSF) are:

  1. Always use two barriers for hydrocarbon and chemical drains & vents
  2. Do not leave an open drain or critical transfer unattended
  3. Take interim mitigating measures in case of failure of Safety Critical Equipment
  4. For all defined high risk activities, follow the procedures and sign off after each step
  5. Walk the Line – Verify and validate any line-up change
  6. Do not make a change without a proper MOC
  7. Verify for completeness of tightness after maintenance work
  8. Always check that equipment is pressure free and drained, and provide safe isolation before starting maintenance work
  9. Perform MOC and install backflow protection when connecting utilities to process
  10. Respond to critical alarms in line with the variable table

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