Hearts and Minds

Both inside Shell and in the wider industry it is becoming clear that a solidly implemented HSE management system is an essential basis for good HSE performance, but that outstanding HSE performance can only be achieved if the “culture” is right. The Hearts and Minds research sponsored by Shell has resulted in a close co-operation with the Leiden, Manchester and Aberdeen universities in which several methods have been developed to understand and change culture.

There is a set of high quality tools which are available in the form of brochures, slide presentations, instructions etc. These tools are designed to be used in short sessions and have been made attractive, or fun, so that people are keen to participate. Therefore a lot of attention has been given to the design and colors and you are therefore discouraged to make black and white copies.

Tools and guidance are available at the following link:

Small quantities of the brochures are available from your Shell HSE rep; large quantities should be ordered from the above link.