Golden Rules

The HSSE Golden Rules are about changing how we act. They are three rules that give a framework for how we must all behave all of the time, in every operation and activity, if we are to achieve further improvement in our HSSE performance. The thinking behind the rules is well established in many of our HSSE programs such as Hearts and Minds.

The three HSSE Golden Rules

You and I:

  • Comply with the law, standards and procedures
  • Intervene on unsafe or non-compliant actions
  • Respect our neighbors

Why are these rules important?

If we are to comply with laws, improve our reputation, and live up to our Business Principles and commitment to sustainable development – including avoiding preventable accidents, reducing our environmental impact and improving relationships with our neighbors – we need to reinforce these Rules and apply them consistently.

The rules emphasize our individual responsibility while encouraging us to help our colleagues and respect our neighbors. For example, they encourage us to get involved if we see someone breaking the rules. And they help us to understand why others step in to help if we are failing to comply. They are there to motivate us all to do the right thing, from the most senior to the most junior member of staff.

Golden Rules in practice

We must apply the rules to everything we do, every day, in every activity and in every business. No matter what pressure we are under, the Golden Rules always come first.