HSE Expectations to Work for Shell

HSE Expectations to work for Shell Upstream Americas (UA)

  1. Contractors adopt our philosophy of “no harm” concerning people, the environment, etc. We call this Goal Zero. Zero significant incidents, in addition to following applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Contractors are expected to have an HSE-MS (Management System) to address HSE risks and controls to manage those risks. The extra S and SD (Security and Sustainable Development) are included in the expectation.
  3. Contractors (medium/high risk) are required to subscribe to ISNetworld, which is our tool for managing a large pool of contractors throughout Shell. http://www.isnetworld.com/
  4. The best overall resource for learning more is to visit www.shellcontractor.com. Goal Zero, Life Saving Rules, Golden Rules, standards, etc. are all contained on this site.
  5. In Canada, Shell contractors who work in Alberta or British Columbia must have a “Certificate of Recognition”. For information about the Alberta Partnerships Program please go to http://employment.alberta.ca/SFW/277.html.


What does 'HSE' stand for?

HSE stands for Health, Safety and Environment.

What type of safety program do I need to work for Shell?

A contractor needs to have an integrated, and preferably mature, HSE management system to obtain work from Shell. Contractors that do not have an HSE Management System or one that meets Shell’s requirements may be considered for work by exception with additional controls added to mitigate the HSE risks.

Will our company’s HSE Management System be audited?

In order to ensure that Shell’s “Goal Zero” can be realized, our contractor assessment process may be used to determine if a Contractors HSE Management System is mature and aligned with Shell’s. The assessment process is used both in the tendering process to work for Shell and the on-going work performed after contractor selection.

What is meant by ‘Goal Zero’?

It means zero deaths, zero injuries and zero significant incidents. We measure Goal Zero by the number of “zero” days. A zero day is one where there are no fatal incidents, personal injuries (company, contractors or third parties) or any other significant incidents such as large spills.

Where do I find Shell policies and standards?

Shell policies and standards can be found on www.shellcontractor.com in the top right corner of the web page. If you do not have a login and password please follow the link at the bottom of the login page and one will be sent to you.