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SAFETY DAY 2019 - Wednesday, March 27th

This year we again get together as teams to engage personally with each other in a focused conversation about achieving Goal Zero and driving improvements in our Safety Performance. Everybody should be involved in a session at an individual team level, led by a line or team leader, to deepen the conversation around Care, Risk Normalisation and Dilemmas.

Conversations about RISK NORMALISATION, DILEMMAS and CARE continue, but with a focus on how each individual can embody “I am Goal Zero” every day and have a deep personal commitment to zero harm, zero leaks.

More Info at hsse.shell.com/safety-day/2019.html

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Protection of both the health and well-being of all employees and contractors and protection of the environment are of utmost concern to Shell. To effectively manage contractor HSE performance, Shell utilizes the Contractor HSE Management Process (CSMP).

This process describes the identification, assessment, and control of HSE-related risk incurred by using contractors to provide services. Shell includes contractor HSE performance in its reported progress toward targets and expects all Shell and contractor employees to participate equally in achieving HSE objectives.

In addition, we are committed to following the HSSE Commitment and Policy.

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