UPD / PTW Orientation Last updated 2020-06-17

Our One GoM team is always looking at ways to safely streamline and improve our processes, both onshore and offshore. In addition, the current pandemic underscores the need to limit personal contact and allow for social distancing. With both in mind, we have improved our process for orienting all personnel, both Shell and contractors alike, arriving to our offshore locations, by providing a One GoM Video for all Production assets. Using the following link will allow you to self-register and watch the orientation video prior to travelling to our offshore assets:

One GoM Orientation Video: https://sepco.kastrack.com/register/updgom

Please note:

  • Once you start the video, you may not fast forward it, or click off the screen, as you will have to start over from the beginning. 
  • You may safely pause the video.
  • You may maximize the screen using the lower right-hand icon that appears when you hover your mouse over the video, but upon completion, minimize it so that you can acknowledge it.

Upon completion of the video, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have watched the video. An email with a certificate attached will be sent to the email you used when creating your profile. If able, we suggest you print out this certificate and bring it with you to the asset.

Viewing this video and successfully obtaining the completion certificate will be mandatory for all personnel travelling to our offshore assets, from July 1, after which you may not be cleared to travel offshore. Please note that Logistic clerks/HSE Leads/Medics will be given access to the database that will document whether a person arriving on location has viewed the video.

All personnel will need to watch the video every 6 months, regardless of how many different assets they visit during that period – you do not need to watch the video each time you visit a new asset. 

The system will send you an email 4 weeks before you are required to re-watch the video and renew your orientation certificate.

At any time, you may revisit the system by logging in directly to: https://sepco.kastrack.com .